Real Name: inapplicable
Occupation: demon
Base of Operations: Athens, Greece
Skin Color: green
Hair Color: none
Eye Color: red

Little to nothing is known about the demons that plagued Athens, Greece on Saturday, March 11th, 2000. Two breeds of demons, commonly referred to as "Brute Demons" and "Ground Demons" attached an antiques auction in the city of Athens. There, they suffered defeat at the hands of the Phoenix Company, but not before stealing a wooden box containing three paintings. This box was carried back to the demons origin by a third type of demon known as a "Flying Demon". The Phoenix Company followed the demons back to their origin, which were the ruins of an ancient temple on the outskirts of the city. The Phoenix Company, along with the native Greek hero Atalanta, attacked the demons, which seem to have been lead by a large, black winged demon (hereafter known as the "Master Demon"). A fifth type of demon also appeared there, which seemed to spew acid (hereafter called the "Acid Demon"). Atalanta and the Phoenix Company managed to rescue the crate and paintings, but not before the Hands of Anubis showed up to attack the demons. The outcome of the battle or the reason for the arrival of the Hands of Anubis are currently unknown.

Unusual Features:
The "ground demons" of Greece resemble the velociraptors of old, but with a demonic twist. They have sharp talons on their forearms, but hooved legs. They also have tails with ridges on the back.

Strength Level:
The "ground demons" of Greece seem to have average strength considering their unique form.

Known Superhuman Powers:
The "ground demons" of Greece have sharp claws on the ends of their forearms, and use them as their predominant attack. These demons also have a prehensile tail, but tend to use it as counterbalance instead of a weapon. The "ground demons" are also the fastest of the demons when travelling on land: they have an average 36 feet of travel per action.