Real Name: unknown
Occupation: agent of Anton Vole
Group Affiliation: Squad "E"
Base of Operations: mobile, but usually Sacramento, California
Skin Color: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: black

Vector's history before joining Anton Vole's Squad E is unknown. Vector and Squad E's first known appearance was at Intellidyne Ltd. headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Intellidyne, a leading manufacturer of microchip technology was broken into by the evil Honor Society. The Honor Society was stopped by the Phoenix Company, but as the Phoenix Company was leaving the premises, they were confronted by Squad E. Squad E had assumed that the Phoenix Company were, in fact, the team responsible for the breaking-and-entering. After Oversight, member of the Phoenix Company, assured Squad E's leader Coil that their team were indeed heroes, Squad E attacked anyway. Vector and his comrades were revealed as a "quick response team" for Anton Vole. Vector proved a powerful foe in the battle, until he sacrificed himself by taking the brunt of Nameless One's attack against his teammate Bliss. Vector was downed by Nameless One's punch. At the end of the battle, Squad E was defeated, but the heroes had nothing to hold them. The Phoenix Company left, and presumably Vector and Squad E awoke and left well before the police arrived on the scene.

   Then, four days later, the Phoenix Company and neophyte hero Short Wave returned to Intellidyne investigating the kidnapping of one of its employees, Brad Stinier. While meeting with the Intellidyne president/CEO, Short Wave heard the words "They're here" being transmitted from a radio somewhere in the building. Oversight used his clairsentience to detect Squad E on the attack again. The Phoenix Company left the building and sought out the rematch. Vector began a brutal and damaging attach on Short Wave, and the two soon became embroiled in aerial combat. Short Wave finally felled Vector, as the rest of Squad E were defeated by the Phoenix Company. Oversight's mental interrogation of Squad E member Chiller revealed the team's powers and base of operations: Sacramento. This time, however, the hero Short Wave used his energy tendrils to entrap the villains. Vector and the rest of his teammates were taken into custody by F.B.I. Agent Martin Cross, where they remain to this day.

Strength Level:
Appears to be average human strength.

Vector has some slight martial arts skills.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Vector is a telekinetic and can use his telekinesis in many ways. Vector uses his telekinetic powers to fly. Maximum speed or distance of flight is unknown, not how many people he can carry aloft. A visible aura surrounds Vector when using his powers for flight.

   Vector can use his powers as an offensive weapon. He can use his telekinesis as an energy blast. The maximum amount of strength his TK projects is unknown, however it is subject to a unique limitation: he can only project this energy blast in a straight line (hence the name "Vector"). He can also use his telekinesis to "push" an opponent away from him, usually toward a building or other object. Once again, he can only push the oppoent directly away from him in a straight line.

   Vector can also use his powers as an defensive weapon. He can create a telekinetic shield to absorb some of the damage done to him. The total amount of punishment Vector can take is unrecorded. Vector can also use his telekinesis to reflect projectiles approaching him. This power is line-of-sight. It is unknown whether this power of redirection has the same "straight line" limitation as his offensive powers.