Real Name: George Harrison
Other Aliases: Spitfire
Occupation: Dispatching Distribution Manager- Innovations Department at Prudential
Group Affiliation: The Phoenix Company (reserve member status)
Base of Operations: formerly the Canyon of Heroes, Tucson, Arizona; now Buenos Aires, Argentina
Skin Color: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown

George Harrison was born to Doris and James Harrison in Newark, New Jersey, on April 15, 1974. George led a spectacularly average life throughout his formidable years. Neither too quiet nor too loud, too smart nor too dumb, George led what could be called the quintessential average life. All of this began to change, however, while George was attending high school in Bloomfield. At age 15, George's father James passed away from a heart attack. George, on the cusp of puberty and about to blossom out of his cocoon, began to withdraw again. George desired a life of introversion, eeking out an average high school career and graduating with an even "C" average. If people were to ever pay attention to George, they would call him the ideal "wallflower," seemingly disappearing whenever in a room.

   George enrolled in college at Montclair State University in 1992, stumbling his way through as most college kids do. Not knowing what to major in, George began taking management classes, and stuck with it. In 1994, George began a summer internship at Prudential in Newark. George made his way through college with a lot of cramming and a lot of luck, and in 1996 received a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Montclair State. Since he graduated with a 2.0 average and didn't stick out at all to prospective employers, George began working full-time with Prudential, the same place and in the same position he had worked in his past two summers. Three months after his graduation, his widowed mother Doris moved away from their Newark home and went out to Tucson, Arizona for retirement.

   In 1998, after working for Prudential for two years, George vanished without a trace. No one noticed. George suddenly reappeared a year later as quickly as he had vanished with no memory of the past year. Returning to work after a year's disappearance, he found paperwork piled a mile high on his desk and a year's worth of paychecks deposited in his bank account. No one at work had noticed he was ever gone.

   Over the next year, George began to notice some changes about himself. He found that, if he didn't want someone to see him, they didn't; if he wanted someone to do something for him, they did. At first, George didn't find it unusual: he had lived with anonymity his entire life. However, as 1999 went on, he found that he could do unusual things, like see into other rooms with his mind or make people see things that weren't there. At this point, George started subconsciously making himself invisible at any opportunity possible.

   Soon, however, George's life would take another turn. In February of 2000, George was going to his local bank to make a deposit. In the middle of waiting in line for the teller, bank robbers burst upon the scene. As the hold-up ensued, George realized that the bank robbers didn't see him; in fact, no one in the bank could see him. George mentally concentrated on one of the bank robbers, and the bank robber fell to the ground in pain. Another flex of his mental muscle, and the bank robber went unconscious, uttering only one sound: "meep". Oversight downed the other two bank robbers the same way, saving the day. However, no one knew his part in the chaos. That would change.

   Word of this mysterious incident made the local news, and word of this incident got out to famed physicist Stephen Hawking. Hawking was, at this point, actively seeking out super powered beings for a strike team against the villainous genetic engineer turned businessman Anton Vole. Hawking quickly realized that the three robbers were attacked by a mentalist, and finally got his hands on a copy of the video tape of the incident. Cross-referencing the people that witnessed the hold-up, Hawking found an nondescript young man suspiciously just standing there. Hawking found that this young man, named George Harrison, worked at the local Prudential office in Newark. Trying to track him down, Hawking contacted various workers at Prudential, trying to find this unsung hero, but no one at Prudential seemed to recognize either the name or a photo of George. Hawking was forced to leave fliers in the Prudential parking lot, hoping that George would contact him.

   George, still feeling heroic in the wake of his victory against the bank robbers, found one of the fliers on the windshield of his car. On a gut feeling, George decided to take the mysterious flier up on its invitation: to meet a mysterious hero in Tucson, Arizona. Since George could also visit his mother out there, he soon found himself booking a plane ticket to Arizona.

   The flier pointed George in the direction of what appeared to be an abandoned loft in a seedy part of Tucson. Upon entering the loft, George found it to be the home of an unusual-looking Egyptian who called himself the Nameless One. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking was on hand, and confessed to sending the fliers. Also there were Hawking's agents Troy Denning and Cindy Matthews, as well as three other heroes who only called themselves Archdruid, Dervish, and Re-Dox. After George introduced himself, Hawking explained his crusade and asked the heroes to aide him in taking down Vole. George agreed, and joined the team now known as the Phoenix Company. George Harrison took the code name Oversight, and began to adapt himself to his new life.

   Oversight moved out of his apartment in Newark and moved into the heroes' base, a sprawling complex built by Hawking in the Grand Canyon called the Canyon of Heroes. Oversight didn't bother to quit his job at Prudential in Newark, and sure enough, no one noticed. George still received his paychecks on a weekly basis and even stayed a week with his mother, living in her basement during the team's initial week.

   As a member of the Phoenix Company, Oversight more than proved his meddle. Oversight quickly develops his "10 Feet Away" strategy, and becomes a key member of the team, more than making up for Re-Dox's quick departure 10 days after the team's initial founding. Oversight and the Nameless One become quick friends, where Oversight earned the nickname "Spitfire" by his ageless comrade. Oversight also provides the much-needed comic relief for the team, adding a bit of frivolity to tense situations, lightening the team's spirit.

   During this time, Oversight played integral parts in the search for missing scientist Brad Stinier, and aided the Phoenix Company battle demons in Greece. It must be noted that Oversight's pranks backfired during the Greece meeting, when pulling invisible pranks on patrons at an auction caused him to appear on the auction hall's video security system. Luckily, Oversight has never cared about his secret identity, and Nameless One had the auction master, an old friend named Michael Stantis, destroy the videotape.

   Oversight weathered the membership changes in the team with ease, as heroes known as Spellbinder and Short Wave bolstered both the team's roster and the team's abilities. With the Nameless One (the team's leader) hospitalized for three weeks in the wake of the battle in Greece, Oversight begrudgingly and subconsciously stepped into a leadership role, coordinating the heroes in a battle that involved Squad "O", corporate troops, and a duo of super-villains for hire. Oversight's leadership role in this mission helped him come out of his cocoon even more, and he began to be one of the more vocal members of the team. Oversight became critical in helping the team try to figure out what the hell happened in the Brad Stinier case, and it was during this case that Oversight's life changed yet again.

   At this point in the Brad Stinier case, the renowned scientist is missing, so the Phoenix Company had staked out two locations where it would be probable that Stinier would reappear at: his apartment in Boulder, Colorado and his parent's home in Chicago. Archdruid and Spellbinder staked out the Boulder apartment while Oversight and Dervish staked out the Stiniers' home in Chicago. Oversight used his invisibility to actually stay at the parent's home without them knowing it. Then, eleven days into the stake out, five squid-like aliens entered the Stiniers' home and attacked both the Stiniers and Oversight (even though Oversight was invisible at the time). Oversight went berserk, and knocked out Michelle Stinier. One of the aliens attacked Oversight with a sonic blast, knocking the hero unconscious. At that point, the aliens dropped what apparently was a holographic illusion, showing their true form: blue-skinned, white-haired gaunleted alien race. Oversight, in a semi-conscious daze, apparently subconsciously recognized these aliens as the "Zann", but nothing else. Apparently the Zann had something to do with the missing year of Oversight's life. Dervish, residing at a nearby hotel arrived on the scene to witness the Zann aliens carry a conscious Oversight to an awaiting spaceship. Two Zann aliens attacked the Stiniers, killing Michelle Stinier and severely injuring Michael. Dervish tried to stop the aliens, but took pause when their leader shouted at him to stop. His words: "We have number 62. Leave him." Dervish opted to rescue the wounded Michael Stinier, leaving the Zann to continue their capture of Oversight.

   Dervish dropped off Michael at the local hospital and raced back to try a last ditch effort to save Oversight. The rest of the team is alerted, and Nameless One launched the Blackhawk (the team's supersonic plane) to pick up Archdruid and Spellbinder in Boulder. Dervish is just in time to see the aliens carry Overight into their ship, which is flanked by 12 other aliens. Dervish overheard the alien leader claim that they still needed to get "numbers 1 and 37," but couldn't catch up to them before they lifted off.

   Meanwhile, aboard the ship, Oversight awoke and calmed down from his berserker rage just in time to be placed in a glass tube on the top floor of the spaceship. The tube then quickly filled with this muscle-paralyzing gel, which put him into a state of stasis. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the unconscious Oversight, his teammates are mounting a rescue operation.

   Oversight's next sight is Dervish carrying him away from the glass tube. Evidently, while he was unconscious, the Phoenix Company, with the aide of Zann rebel Galactica and wild west hero Drifter, halted the aliens' attempt to capture another earthling. During the battle, Nameless One sent the speedster Dervish in to rescue Oversight. Dervish found a disturbing fact: within the ship were one hundred glass type containers, each one housing a human that looked exactly like Oversight. Meanwhile, outside the ship, the team were fighting humans that also looked exactly like Oversight, but with a vast array of powers, ranging from telekinesis to super strength. The battle was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the aliens were capturing a native from the city that also looked exactly like Oversight. As Dervish was carrying the barely conscious Oversight, the two were attacked by two more "Oversights," one with super strength, and one with abilities and powers exactly like the real Oversight. Evidently, during his missing year, these aliens kidnapped George Harrison and cloned him. The Zann, masters in genetic engineering, modified the Oversight clones in various ways, branding each one on their left shoulder with a tattoo. These clones were bred by the Zann as their personal army.

   Oversight and Dervish were knocked unconscious by the two clones, but before Oversight could be recaptured, Short Wave swooped in intangibly through the wall and attacked the clones. The three heroes made it out of the ship and regrouped outside. As the battle winded down, Oversight mentally scanned the spaceship for the Zann leader and mentally commanded him to take the ship and leave Earth. The Zann leader, whose willpower was no match for Oversight's mental coercion, ordered his troops to retreat and the ship left Earth space.

   Once aboard the Blackhawk, Oversight is introduced to his Argentine clone, nicknamed Overkill by the team but whose real name is Carlos Santana. The two, being essentially the same person, bonded instantly, and George felt that he found the brother he never had. Reunited with his team, Oversight felt that it was time to move on. As the Blackhawk landed in Buenos Aries to return Carlos Santana to his home, Oversight opted to join his clone (calling him now his "brother") and live in Buenos Aires, helping his brother come to terms with his powers and his past. Oversight said a teary-eyed goodbye to his comrades-in-arms, and watched the Blackhawk lift off as he settled into his new life in Argentina.

Strength Level:
Oversight has average human strength.

Oversight has an average skill level is the same skill set that average people have. He has a higher skill level in Bureaucracy, though he does most of his learning by cramming. Oversight also has a tendency to be lucky. Also, somewhere in his past (whether through genetic engineering or some other incident), Oversight gained the ability to understand and possibly speak the Zann language.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Oversight is one of the premiere mentalists on the planet. Gained by what appears to be a genetic mutation, Oversight's awesome willpower can be focused into a multitude of mental powers.

   Oversight's premiere (and most used) power is invisibility. He can turn himself (but not others) invisible to the visible spectrum. Oversight can still be seen in the infrared and UV regions of the spectrum, and can also be detected by other means, such as radar of video equipment. He also can turn himself invisible to a person's hearing, and cannot be detected audibly on any listening device.

   Oversight's enhanced willpower also gives him various mental abilities. Oversight is telepathic, and can communicate mentally with other beings. While a member of the Phoenix Company, Oversight had a mindlink established with the entire team, allowing them to communicate mentally with each other, even over great distances. This mindlink has been disabled now that Oversight has left the team, but can be reestablished at any time. Oversight can scan a person's mind and give them suggestions that that person must carry out. He can mentally search through a crowd of people to find one person's mind. Oversight can also mentally attack a person's mind by either using a pure mental blast or cause the person to witness "mental illusions" of Oversight's creation.

   Oversight's willpower enables him to generate a mental field all around him, essentially protecting him from physical, energy, and mental attacks. He has a permanent mental shield in place, allowing him to block mental attacks against him. Oversight has the power of clairsentience, which allows him to project is conscious into another area and allows him to see what is going on in that area. To date, it seems that Oversight can project this clairsentience anywhere, though it seems to get weaker at longer ranges. Oversight is also an out-of-body-traveler, capable of projecting his non-corporeal soul out of his body. Oversight can still see, hear, and smell in this non-corporeal form, but it leaves his body vulnerable. He unconscious body cannot turn invisible while his soul is non-corporeal.

   By sheer force of will, Oversight can also control the amount of pain he feels, making him withstand more damage from an attack aimed at him. Oversight has the ability to see into the infrared region of the spectrum, making him a powerful opponent to an attacker who can also turn invisible. He also has a keen tactical mind, preferring to separate himself from the rest of his party both by distance and by visibility.

   All of Oversight's powers seem to have a weakness to sonics. Sonic blasts can quickly incapacitate the hero. He also seems to be extremely susceptible to magical attacks, particularly in his non-corporeal, out-of-body form.