Real Name: unknown
Occupation: agent of Anton Vole
Group Affiliation: Squad "O"
Base of Operations: mobile
Skin Color: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown

Nothing is known about Optic prior to his first appearance as a member of Anton Vole's Squad O. Optic arrived at 3I headquarters with Squad O looking for missing scientist Brad Stinier. The Squad attacked 3I HQ, and was countered by 3I troops and two super-powered agents: Cruiser and Bruiser. The Phoenix Company joins the fray and Squad O is almost defeated when their leader Outlet calls a retreat. The team manages to escape with the use of Outlet's powers and have not been heard from since.

Strength Level:
Optic may or may not have enhanced strength due to his armor.

Optic has shown no appreciable skills.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Optic, whether due to his armor or due to an innate superhuman ability, has various powers based on his vision. He has the ability to see in the infrared portion of the spectrum. He also can emit energy beams from his visor, which can be used as a simple or a wide-field attack. His visor can fire multiple shots at a quick pace.

Weapons and Hardware:
Optic wears battle armor, the exact abilities of which are unknown. It is highly possible that all of Optic's powers are derived from this armor.