Real Name: unknown
Occupation: agent of Anton Vole
Group Affiliation: Squad "O"
Base of Operations: mobile
Skin Color: (as human): unknown
   (as Node): black and blue electric
Hair Color: unknown
   (as Node): none
Eye Color: unknown
   (as Node): white

Nothing is known about Node prior to his first appearance as a member of Anton Vole's Squad O. Node arrived at 3I headquarters with Squad O looking for missing scientist Brad Stinier. The Squad attacked 3I HQ, and was countered by 3I troops and two super-powered agents: Cruiser and Bruiser. The Phoenix Company joins the fray and Squad O is almost defeated when their leader Outlet calls a retreat. The team manages to escape with the use of Outlet's powers and have not been heard from since.

   Note: Node bears a striking resemblance to Phoenix Company member Short Wave, though any shared history between the two is unknown.

Strength Level:
Node has superhuman strength. The extent of this superhuman strength, as well as the source of this strength is currently unknown.

Node has shown no appreciable skills.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Node appears to the human eye to be an energy being, rippling with blue electrical energy. The exact nature of this energy form is unknown. In previous appearances, he has seemed to channel this energy form into an energy blast. This energy form also seems to absorb other forms of energy directed at it, and also seems to form a static field, partially protecting Node from harm. The energy form also gives Node superhuman strength.