Tuesday, February 29th, 2000:
Group meets for the first time in the loft in Tucson. Stephen Hawking (along with Troy and Cindy), introduce Archdruid, Dervish, Nameless One, Oversight, and Re-Dox. Squigee Man makes an appearance. We crash at the loft.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2000:
Stephen Hawking brings us to the base. We check it out and get to see the Blackhawk for the first time. We each pick our rooms, and all of the aforementioned members decide to found the team. Stephen terminates his body and downloads his consciousness into the base computer. Each of us wraps up his personal life and we decide to meet again in one week.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2000:
We have our general meeting, and all of the team stay on base over the night.

Notes of interest: Nameless One moves his collection of the Library of Alexandria to the headquarters.

Thursday, March 9th, 2000:
At 1:00 AM, we are notified by Hawking that there is a break-in at Intellidyne Ltd. in Boulder, Colorado. The team mobilizes and takes the Blackhawk to Boulder, where we investigate the scene of the crime. While there, we encounter a breaking-and-entering super-villain team known as the Honor Society. We defeat the Honor Society, but they still manage to escape. While leaving Boulder, we are attacked by Squad E (totally unsuspecting, I might add). We defeat Squad E, but find we have no way to hold them. Doing the smart and sensible thing, we just walk away and let them return to attack us another day. We return to the base, also taking the plans to an unusual circuit board and the security tapes of the fight. Returning to the base, Nameless One inputs into the danger room computer the specs of our adversaries and begins an analysis if the computer prints.

Notes of interest: The Honor Society is apparently a superhuman breaking-and-entering team with a reputation. They seem to have been hired by a competitor of Intellidyne. Squad E is revealed by Hawking to work for Anton Vole as a "fast response" team.

Friday, March 10th, 2000:
Over the course of the day, Nameless One continues to program the Danger Room computers with data on our adversaries, as well as beginning an analysis on the computer chip design. Archdruid returns to his private life and a show in Vegas. An alert sounds, and we find that Re-Dox has left through the hangar bay with little explanation. After security changes, another alarm sounds, this time at the loft. Nameless One and a disembodied Oversight go to investigate and find a magician named Morrison (Spellbinder), who was also invited to join the team by Hawking. After getting thoroughly drunk and having him pass out, Nameless One brings him to his room and grudgingly allows him to join the team.
      At 6:00, Archdruid returns. In the meantime, Nameless One had previously arranged to attend an auction in Greece for an ancient text. The team leaves for Athens to keep Nameless One company.

Notes of interest: Spellbinder is evidently the son of an established hero. He has the ability to change the environment, and also mentioned a lost familiar. Both Nameless One and the desolidified Oversight seemed vulnerable to the changed cold environment that Spellbinder produced.

Saturday, March 11th, 2000:
The team arrives at Athens at noon, in time for the auction at one. Nameless one purchased his book ("The Life of Didymus"), but before the auction was finished, the auction house was attacked by four velociraptor-type demons. The heroes threw caution (and their secret identities) aside and dived into action. Brute-like demons soon joined them, and, though we were victorious, one brute demon managed to escape with a crate of three paintings. The team followed the demons to a group of ruins outside the city, and saw a sight that chilled their bones.
      A group of demons inhabit the ruins: 12 of the velociraptor-type demons (later named "Ground Demons") 6 of the "Brute Demons", 2 new acid-spewing two-legged "Acid Demons", four large, winged "Fying Demons" and an ebon "Master Demon" that seems to lead them. The heroes meet a native hero named Atalanta, and the battle is joined.
      As the fight lasts through the night, the team suffers its losses. Archdruid manages to recover the crate, but for a time becomes mind controlled by the Master Demon. Atalanta and Nameless One suffer major damage over the course of the battle. The battle is interrupted by the Hands of Anubis, sworn enemies of the Nameless One, however they mysteriously choose to protect the Nameless One and fight against the demons. Using the attack by Eternal Enemy's thugs as a distraction, the heroes grab the paintings and (along with Atalanta) evacuate in the Blackhawk, leaving the demons and the Hands of Anubis to fight each other. The heroes return the paintings to the auction master, and the Nameless One buys the painting that the heroes believed the demon wanted. It is midnight at this point, and after dropping off Atalanta, the heroes return to the states with the Nameless One's book and the paintings.

Notes of interest: Before the battle, Nameless One struck up conversation with an old friend: a food vendor named Dave Stephanopoulis, who called him "Agustach" (Greek for "Old One"), and was friends with him from the Falkland Islands. The three paintings stolen were 1) a painting of Charon crossing the river Styx by artist Nicholai Pavlopolis, a painting of the mythical Griffith flying to Mount Olympus by Nicholai Pavlopolis, and 3) a painting of the Trojan War from Helios flying in his sun chariot across the sky to the burning hell of Hades by historian George Stephanopolis. Behind the third painting, Archdruid discovered a poem in ancient Greek. The thugs of the Eternal Enemy tend to wear Anubis badges on their outfits, but this time were dressed like the Men in Black. The thugs' leader transformed into a likeness of Anubis with metahuman abilities. Nameless One made a permanent contact in the auction master, Michael Stantis, and the team has the contact info on Atalanta for the future: a resident of Athens named Dante Diamentis who runs a youth hostel. The "Life of Didymus" cost nameless one $105,000 and he purchased the painting for $750,000. Archdruid also attempted to purchase a sealed Grecian urn, but lost the auction to an oriental gentleman.

Sunday, March 12th, 2000:
The Blackhawk docks at HQ at 8:00 in the morning, after which the team gets some much needed sleep. Nameless One is brought to the infirmary to deal with his wounds, and Spellbinder begins an also much needed drinking binge. However, the team's rest is short-lived. Hawking has been informed by Nicholas Hughes that Intellidyne employee Brad Stinier was evidently kidnapped by person or persons unknown the same night of our battle with the Honor Society and Squad E. The team decided to spend the day resting and begin the search for Stinier tomorrow.

Notes of interest: Spellbinder has settled down in Re-Dox's old room. Nameless One decides to spend his time in the infirmary researching the painting and poem, tracking down information on the CPU invented by Stinier, and building IR Vision/Comm Units.

Monday, March 13th, 2000:
The team gets the pertinent information on Stinier from Hughes and (minus Nameless One and Spellbiner) begins their hunt early that morning for the missing scientist. The team begins at his apartment in Boulder, Colorado. Approaching Stinier's apartment, 14B, the team discovered a glowing energy being searching the apartment.
      The glowing energy being in Stinier's apartment is revealed to be a hero called Short Wave. Short Wave was asked to investigate the disappearance of Brad Stinier by the F.B.I. He had already dismantled Stinier's PC and was about to leave. We team up with Short Wave, and his F.B.I. contact Agent Martin Cross arranges a neutral site- an abandoned warehouse in Boulder- where Short Wave and the team can investigate the PC. The only thing the PC reveals are plans for the brain chip Stinier was working on. (Nameless One had already taken a copy of the chip's plans during the initial break-in of Intellidyne on March 9th). No new evidence is found, and the team is at a loss how to pursue the investigation.
      After a failed attempt by Oversight to mindscan the city for Honor Society member Sponge, the team decides to get more information from Nicholas Hughes at Intellidyne. Entering the building, Oversight has "fun" with guard Joe Finder while Nameless One has Hawking arrange for a meeting with Hughes and the team. The team (plus Short Wave) enters Hughes' office and get information on an employee named "Jack Henderson" who disappeared the Wednesday before Stinier disappeared. Coincidentally, it seems that Henderson also lived at the same apartment as Stinier. As Hughes is providing a list of competitors of Intellidyne, Short Wave detects a radio transmission from somewhere in Intellidyne warning an unknown listener that "they're here." Oversight's clairsentience soon detects five flying figures approaching- Squad E.
Squad E managed to reach the Intellidyne before the team can leave. The two teams begin a pitched battle in the streets of Boulder, and Phoenix Company defeats Squad E a second time. This time, however, Short Wave provides energy bonds designed to hold the villains and contacts Agent Cross and the FBI for a pick-up. The team disarms Chiller's arm gun and coil's armor and Oversight mentally interrogates Chiller. It is confirmed that Squad E works for Vole and that Vole believes 3I has indeed captured Stinier (from messages left on Stinier's answering machine). In the aftermath of the battle, the team decides to investigate "Jack Henderson's" apartment and reinspect Stinier's apartment as well.
      The team arrives at Stinier's apartment complex and investigated the building. "Jack Henderson's" apartment seemed vacant, but the team (along with Short Wave) did discover various polaroid pictures of Brad Stinier and the inside of his apartment. The rest of the 13th and 14th floor are uninhabited. Dejected because of a lack of clues, the team (along with Short Wave and Nameless One on comm-link) confers and decides to investigate the nearest 3I branch, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
      The team arrives in Las Vegas and is set up in a hotel by Archdruid. The team traces 3I's local branch to a four story building in Vegas. The team explored the premises, but were unable to get near the building. Oversight performs a mindscan on the building and does not detect Brad Stinier. At 7:00 at night, the team returns to their hotel, where they get the privilege to see a show performed by Archdruid. Short Wave, however, broke off from the group and left for an undisclosed location.

Notes of interest: Brad Stinier's apartment address is 13 Abershot Lane, Apt. 14B, Boulder, Colorado. Stinier also is an only child, has parents Michael and Michelle in Detroit, is age 27, and has a Masters in Biophysics. The apartment complex is run by an incompetent idiot and is pretty slummy. The list of competitors that Hughes provides includes Cyberdyne, Cybertronics, MergeTech, Nichols R&D, and the ever-popular Vole Industries. Hughes also discovers that various calls were placed to Vole Industries from the front desk of Intellidyne. Hughes tells the team that he will investigate the mole in his company. During Chiller's interrogation, we find out Squad E's entire power set and that Squad E is usually based in Sacramento, California. The chief of security of the Las Vegas 3I branch is Joe Mantz. Archdruid's alias when performing in Las Vegas is "Andrew Eldridge". Short Wave was never given a comm unit. Nameless One contacted Michael Stantis and an old archaeologist friend Henry Jones for info on the painting and the demons. Two days later, nothing conspicuous was found at the site of the Greek battle. Stantis was going to supply Nameless One with a list of the names of the auction attendees and what they bought, as well as the contact info of the asian gentleman that purchased the grecian urn. Jones did not recognize any names associated with the Greek battle with the exception of George Stephanopolis, which Jones IDed as a ancient Greek historian.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2000:
In the morning, Archdruid, Oversight, and Dervish awake in Las Vegas. The team tries to contact Short Wave to no avail. At 11:00, the team gets a communication from the still-bedridden Nameless One, who has deciphered the mysterious poem. Meanwhile, Archdruid overhear two employees from 3I Industries Las Vegas branch mention the extradition of an 8" tall man from Las Vegas to 3I's headquarters in Seattle. Archdruid invites the two to a free dinner, courtesy of "Andrew Eldridge."
      While this is going on in Vegas, Oversight sends the now-sober Morrison to Boulder to dust for prints in Jack Henderson's apartment. Morrison gets the prints with ease, then takes the Blackhawk to pick up the group in Vegas before leaving for Seattle.
      The Blackhawk reaches 3I's corporate headquarters in Seattle, and Oversight's mind-scan detects Brad Stinier's mind within the building. While hovering nearby in the 'Hawk, the ship's sensors detect five flying beings approaching the Headquarters. The five beings land and begin to attack. Lights flood the compound and 3I's HQ is defended by crack sharpshooters and two vigilantes later revealed to be Bruiser and Cruiser. The attacking team is revealed as Squad O and the fighting begins. The Phoenix Company stood ready to join the battle, and, led by Oversight, began unobtrusively and secretly attacking various Squad O members. The battle soon erupted in full, with 3I agents, Bruiser and Cruiser, Squad O, and Phoenix Company fighting each other. In the middle of the fight, Brad Stinier comes out in front of the compound, claims that he is tired of everyone fighting over him, and places a gun to his head and kills himself. Everyone is quickly disarrayed, and Dervish and Archdruid run to Stinier's body and teleport him and themselves out of the battle. All teams bid a hasty retreat. However, once the Blackhawk was a distance away from the 3I complex, Stinier's body disappeared and a holographic emitter remained. Realizing how badly they had been duped, the team returned to the scene of the crime, where Oversight, while an out-of-body traveller, discovered that neither Bruiser & Cruiser nor Dan Friedman knew of the deception. Apparently Stinier had tricked 3I, Vole and us (however shortly). Returning to base, the team took some much-needed rest before deciding their next course of action

Notes of interest: Nameless One's description of the poem reveals the possible existence of another immortal with ties to the demons. Squad O seems to be Vole's "heavy hitter" team. The Stinier holographic emitter seemed to not be based on any existing design or hardware.

Wednesday, March 15th, 2000:
At 10:00 AM that morning, Nameless One calls a meeting to discuss the next course of action. After coming up with a few possible theories to what happened, the team decides to lie and wait for Stinier to resurface. Figuring that Stinier would not return to Intellidyne, Nameless One decided to split the team into two and stake out the two places Stinier would most likely resurface: Stinier's apartment in Boulder and his parent's house in Detroit, Michigan. Archdruid and a drunken Morrison are sent to camp out at Stinier's old apartment, while Oversight and Dervish stake out Michael and Michelle Stinier's house on the outskirts of Detroit. Oversight uses his mental powers to acquire a hotel room for Dervish while he, invisible to all, spends his days in the Stinier's house.

Notes of interest: The team realizes that, with the mysterious chip hooked up to his brain, Stinier has the ability to create devices to generate holographic emitters or to shrink objects. The Blackhawk launches at noon for the mission, dropping off Morrison and Archdruid in Boulder at 12:30 and Dervish and Oversight in Detroit at 1:30 before returning to base. The team at Stinier's apartment find his answering machine tape missing.

Friday, March 24th, 2000:
While the team is still on stake-out, Nameless One deduces the secret meaning of the poem. He also finishes work on one of his IR Visor prototypes the day before.

Notes of interest: The secret message hidden within the poem reads "The Gate Of The Real One Whom Death Could Never Seize Is Below The Place Of The Gods." The message is conveyed via capitalization of the original Greek words.

Sunday, March 26th, 2000:
As the stake-out reached it's 11th day, we were in for a surprise. Out of nowhere, five squid-like aliens entered Michael and Michelle Stinier's apartment and attacks the Stiniers and Oversight (even though Oversight is invisible). Oversight goes berserk, and knocks out Michelle Stinier. One of the aliens attacked Oversight with a sonic blast, knocking the hero unconscious. At that point, the aliens dropped what apparently was a holographic illusion, showing their true form: a blue-skinned, white-haired gaunleted alien race. Oversight apparently subconsciously recognized these aliens as the "Zann" (shouted through his mental link), but nothing else. Dervish arrives on the scene to witness the Zann aliens carry a conscious Oversight to an awaiting spaceship. Two Zann aliens attack the Stiniers, killing Michelle Stinier and severely injuring Michael. Dervish tries to stop the aliens, but takes pause when their leader shouts at him to stop. His words: "We have number 62. Leave him." Dervish opts to rescue the wounded Michael Stinier, leaving the Zann to continue their capture of Oversight.
      Dervish drops off Michael at the local hospital and races back to try a last ditch effort to save Oversight. The rest of the team is alerted, and Nameless One preps the Blackhawk to pick up Archdruid and Spellbinder in Boulder. Dervish is just in time to see the aliens carry Overight into their ship, which is flanked by 12 other aliens. Dervish overhears the alien leader claim that they still need to get "numbers 1 and 37," but couldn't catch up to them before they lifted off.
      The rest of the team arrives on the scene, and scans the area using the Blackhawk's IR scanner to no avail. The team lands and scours the area. Nameless One went to the hospital to check up on Michael Stinier, offering the doctor to pay for any and all costs on Stinier's recovery. Nameless One then leaves his contact info at the hospital and returns to the ship. Archdruid and Dervish search the Stinier household for any other clues, but find nothing. The team, very frustrated and distraught over the missing Oversight, return to base dejected.
      Returning to the Cavern of Heroes, the team finds Short Wave had returned from his "vacation" in Phoenix. Hawking attempts to track down any information on Oversight's disappearance and his captors. The team focuses its energies in finding access to interstellar travel. Both Nameless One and Hawking use their ties to other heroes for information, but come up short. The heroes realize that Troy had worked for NASA in the past and can use his talents in piloting a ship. The team decides to infiltrate the former U.S.S.R. and hijack a spaceship like every heroic team would.

Notes of interest: Oversight recognizes the aliens as Zann, but doesn't know anything else about them, hinting that they had something to do with his origin. The aliens know that Oversight would go berserk when witnessing alien squid, as well as his vulnerability to sonics, hinting that they know him intimately. The aliens appear not to have natural powers, but powers generated by gauntlets they wear- including martial arts, super strength, and super speed. Nameless One gave his contact information (the phone number to the loft, which can be routed to the base) to Michael Stantis' doctor Alistaire Dumont at Belwyn Hospital West. Nameless One tries contacting the golden age hero Immolator, who is still located at the veterans hospital. Hawking tries to contact another golden age hero Lady Victory, and discovered that she is not located in the UK as Hawking thought she was. Lady Victory is, in fact, in the United States helping the US government build a new superhero team, which I'm sure will spell trouble for us in the future.

Monday, March 27th, 2000:
The team wakes up in the morning, and runs a practice combat against Squad "O". At 2:00PM, the loft receives a phone call from the hospital from a woman unknown. She seems to know about the battle in Chicago against the aliens and wants to help in return for more information. The team agrees to meet this mysterious stranger at 7:00PM. The team (Archdruid, Dervish, Nameless One, Short Wave, and Spellbinder) preps the Blackhawk and launches for Chicago.
      The team reconnoiters the hospital and find nothing. At 7:00, the heroes are confronted by a female alien Zann and what looks to be a wild west hero. The alien Zann refers to herself as Galactica, while the wild west hero, complete with a raven on his shoulder, calls himself Drifter. Galactica explains her back story and the general genetic manipulation of the Zann. Galactica, a Zann rebel, has a ship in orbit, as does Drifter, who has a sentient ship named Sanctuary. Drifter and Galactica join us on the Blackhawk. Galactica, knowing the operating frequencies of the Zann, had Sanctuary tap their communications channel. Sanctuary located their position: Buenos Aires in Argentina. The Blackhawk heads to Buenos Aires, where they witness the alien Zann's landed ship and the aliens carrying Oversight into their ship again.
      The team lands the ship to let Galactica create a distraction. Once within range, the EM modulations from the Zann ship causes Short Wave to enter some sort of body-paralyzing stasis. The ship then flies around the other side and launches an extraction team (consisting of Archdruid, Dervish, and Drifter) to rescue Oversight. Oversight is rescued and brought back to the ship, where Nameless One tries to revive him. Drifter then attacks from a third direction, splitting the Zann troops. Nameless One awakens Oversight, who then bum-rushes him with superhuman strength and rushes out of the ship. At this point, all hell breaks loose.
      Over the course of the battle, Nameless One sends Dervish in the ship to rescue Oversight. After bypassing some Zann barracks (alerting them, of course), Dervish uses the elevator on the ship to reach the top level. Once there, he sees, on one side of the wall, 25 tubes filled with gel-encased duplicates of Oversight. The team deduces that the REAL Oversight is in the tube the 12th over. Dervish breaks the unconscious Oversight out of the tube. However, while trying to leave the ship, Dervish stumbles over another room containing another 25 tubes- these completely empty. In the middle of the vacant room is standing Oversight clones, tensed to attack. Nameless One enters the ship to back up Dervish and the real Oversight, but finds another two Oversight clones in the cargo bay ready to attack.
      Over the course of the battle, Hawking informs us over our comm link that Re-Dox is in some battle in Yellowstone National Park, where the park rangers seem to be mind controlled. Also, unbeknownst to the team, a message is left on Nameless One's answering machine from Michael Stantis regarding the theft of another urn from a Greek Museum.
      Short Wave recalibrates his internal energy sync and joins the fight. Galactica continues to battle opponents on one end of the field, while Drifter, finishing off foes on his edge of the field, aids Galactica. The superstrong Oversight from Angentina takes down a few Zann thugs before falling himself. However, before troops can carry The Argentine Oversight into the ship, Archdruid teleports him back to the Blackhawk again. Spellbinder, knocked unconscious by the Zann troops, is taken by them, but not before Archdruid rescues him. Short Wave joins Nameless One in the ship, and the two attempt to rescue their comrades Oversight and Dervish, who was also knocked unconscious by the two Oversight clones in tube room 2. Short Wave comes to their rescue, and the three of them defeat their foes. Nameless One mopped up the remaining troops in the barracks, and Dervish and Oversight meet him in one of the ship's corridors. Galactica and Drifter finish up their opponents, and everyone regroups by the hangar bar door. Nameless One breaks open one of the storage bays in the Zann hangar in frustration, and Dervish steals the clothes inside. Oversight uses his mental powers to detect the Zann leader and mentally commands him to leave Earth. The commander, under Oversight's influence, orders for lift-off. The team evacuates the hangar bay and proceeds to strip down the Zann troops left outside on the battle field. Archdruid teleports the unconscious and Short-Wave-manacled troops to the ship just as it lifts off. The team congratulates each other as Drifter and Galactica part ways.
      On board the ship, the team finds Oversight conversing with his Argentine clone. The team lifts off heading towards Buenos Aires to return the Argentine Oversight to his home. Our Oversight decides to stay behind and help him adapt to his new powers. Teary-eyed goodbyes are said, and the team plots a route to Yellowstone to aide Re-Dox. The team finally gets a look at the video footage of Re-Dox's battle. Nameless One checks his messages and finds that the Urn that was stolen had the same poem imprinted on the neck. Though wanting to go to Greece, Nameless One agrees to rescue his former comrade.
      The team arrives at Yellowstone and begins scouting the area. Spellbinder takes to the skies, and is promptly attacked by three hawks. Dervish also scouts ahead, and is attacked by a bear before finding a deer with a tree in it. The team sees a flare shot up in the sky, and start heading in that direction. Along the way, Spellbinder, Archdruid and Nameless One encounter campers who seemed to be controlled by some strange force. As with the deer before them, they seem to have bark and branches growing out of them. Nameless One knocks two of the three campers unconscious and the third mutters something about a female being behind it all before N.O. knocs him unconscious as well.
      The team regroups in a clearing near the flare and finds Re-Dox and someone who looks similar to Re-Dox trapped in a viny growth. Nameless One frees them while Archdruid awakens them. It seems Re-Dox had come to the rescue of his brother Joe, who was captured by a tree-like female figure. As Joe and Re-Dox finish their stories, six bears come out of the forest and attack. Archdruid, Dervish and Nameless One fight off the bears' attack while Re-Dox and Spellbinder bring Joe to his pick-up turck to get him safely out of the park. While fighting the bears, the tree-like female appears and attacks. The figure calls herself Dionaea, and vows that her kind will soon rule the world. The heroes make short work of the bears, but Dionaea holds off their attack, displaying a wide array of powers. Spellbinder and Re-Dox return and join the battle, but Dionaea doesn't seem to be phased by anything thrown at her. Archdruid tries removing her from the ground, thinking that that is the source of her powers... it doesn't work. Spellbinder changes the area around her into a snowstorm, hoping to freeze the sentient plant... it doesn't work. The heroes throw fists, trees, and energy blasts at her... she remains standing. What's worse is that she seems to have the ability to drain the heroes abilities: she soon gains Nameless One's lighting-fast striking ability and Re-Dox's ability to quickly recover and martial arts knowledge. It is possible that the Phoenix Company has finally met it's match.

Notes of interest: Spellbinder teleports hung-over and irate in the middle of our morning combat session. The reporter's covering the Yellowstone fight scene is Cynthia Santana and the mind-controlled park ranger's name is Fred Biffner. Each of the aliens originally used by the Zann has a tattoo on their left shoulder. Our Oversight and the "Oversight" from Argentina (nicknamed Overkill) do not have any tattoos. Known Overight clones include (a) a mentalist with the exact power set of Oversight, (b) another super-strong Oversight, (c) another mentalist Oversight who specializes in mental illusions and draining willpower and (d) an Oversight with Telekinesis and a force field. The Zann super-troops have the powers of (a) super-strength, (b) alien martial arts, (c) a sonic and "dark distruptor" gauntlet blast, (d) a speedster, and (e) their leader, who seems to have superior leadership and tactic skills. After the battle, the Phoenix Company confiscated eight Zann troop gauntlets, seven Zann troop armor, four Zann super- troop armor, a special Zann blaster capable of generating sonics and a dark distortion beam, and various clothes that Dervish kept from the ship's cargo hold. We find out that Overkill's real name is Carlos Santana, and realize that, while flying away from the battle, an Oversight clone capable of draining willpower was knocked out the ship during the battle and is running amok somewhere in Buenos Aires. The team nicknames him "Overlooked", and are sure he will pop up again. Drifter and Galactica are given means to contact the team should any other emergencies arise, and the team keeps the comm frequencies of Galactica's armor and of Sanctuary.
      En route to Yellowstone, Nameless One contacts Dante Diamantis and makes him aware of the urn. He also contacts Pierre Lebeau and has his informants keep tabs on Oversight and Overkill, as well as dig into Overkill's past. Nameless One field tests the new IR goggles in the Yellowstone adventure. When entering the park, two reporters attempt to corner the team and are promptly teleported away by Archdruid. While walking away, Nameless One shouts "if anyone asks, blame it on the New Patriots." The team finds the dead remains of Fred Biffner. Re-Dox's brother Joe likes Corona.