Real Name: unknown
Occupation: thief
Group Affiliation: The Honor Society
Base of Operations: unknown, but presumably Western US
Skin Color: unknown
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: unknown

Nothing is known about the villainous Locksmith before his first confirmed appearance as a member of the Honor Society. On Thursday, March 9th, 2000, a group of super-powered individuals broke into Intellidyne Ltd. in Boulder Colorado. The reason for the beak-in remains unknown, but this team of expert thiefs match the power set of a known criminal breaking-and-entering team calling themselves the Honor Society. This Society has a reputation amongst various police agencies, but was never confirmed seen before the Intellidyne break-in. While in the midst of this break-in, the Honor Society was challenged by the fledgeling superhero team known as the Phoenix Company. Locksmith (the seeming leader of the society) and his fellow society members fought the Phoenix Company to a standstill, then escaped capture. At the time, it was believed that the Society's goal was to steal the design for a prototype computer processor, however this was not the case.

   Unbeknownst to the Phoenix Company, the Honor Society had managed to capture Brad Stinier, a bio-engineer employed by Intellidyne, for reasons unknown. Given the Honor Society's track record, it is highly likely that the Society has given Stinier to whomever hired them for the Intellidyne break-in. The current location and status of Locksmith and the rest of the Honor Society is currently unknown.

Strength Level:
Appears to be average human strength.

Locksmith has shown no appreciable skills, but presumably is a semi-decent lockpicker.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Locksmith has the power of invisibility, which may or may not be a function of his armor.

Weapons and Hardware:
Locksmith wears red armor equipped with various weapons. His armor covers his eyes and mouth, obscuring his face. The eyepieces of his armor enable Locksmith to see beyond the visible spectrum (presumably in the infrared). Locksmith also has the ability to turn invisible. This invisibility is limited to the visible spectrum and can be detected by an average human with acute vision and perception. Whether this ability is generated by his armor or is inherent is unknown.

   Locksmith is an expert at weapons and is armed with various rifles and guns, only two of which are known. The first, a hand-sized gun, is called a "disruptor," which emits an energy blast that heavily damages an enemy. Another weapon, a two-handed rifle, is his "immobilizer;"a rifle capable of entangling his foes in blue energy bands. These bands are known to have a 4 body. Note that Locksmith appears to have other weapons attached to his armor with unknown effects.