Real Name: unknown
Occupation: Zann rebel
Group Affiliation: none (though frequent partner of Drifter)
Base of Operations: Zann homeworld; later Sanctuary; later mobile
Skin Color: blue
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: blue

Little is known about Galactica's background before her appearance on Earth. What little is known follows. The Zann are an alien race inhabiting a planet whose location is unknown. They are genetic purists who strive for what they believe is the perfect humanoid form. In keeping with this philosophy, the Zann often cull their population, exterminating those the government feels do not live up to their demanding specifications. The hero later known as Galactica did not agree with this stringent and brutal way of life and became a fighter against her people's government.

   At some point in her battles with the Zann, Galactica found her way to Earth, where she teamed up with the wild west hero known as Drifter. Galactica found a temporary home aboard Drifter's orbital semi-sentient satellite named Sanctuary. Drifter joined Galactica's cause fighting for the Zann rebels. It is not currently known how long this team-up lasted.

   Galactica first joined forces with the Phoenix Company after their member Oversight was captured by Zann super-powered troops. Galactica and Drifter discovered a Zann ship scouring the Earth collecting humans for some reason. Galactica, because of her background and knowledge as yet unrevealed, knew that the Zann were collecting human clones that had escaped from Zann genetic experimentation. Tracking the Zann ship to Chicago, Galactica was too late to witness a battle between the Zann and a superhero team that left one human dead and one human seriously injured. Galactica and Drifter found the surviving human, a middle-aged man named Michael Stinier, hospitalized nearby. Looking for clues, the heroes discovered that one of team members left contact information with the doctor working on the Stinier case. Galactica called the phone number, which put her in touch with a person named the Nameless One.

   After initial mistrust, the Phoenix Company and Galactica and Drifter joined forces searching for the Zann spaceship. Using the Blackhawk, Sanctuary's radio tracking system, and Galactica's knowledge of Zann communication frequencies, the heroes track down the Zann spaceship in Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aries, the Zann are capturing another escaped clone with their super-powered troops. Galactica offers to be a distraction and goes in guns blazing. Over the course of the battle, Galactica takes down a number of Zann troops, including their super-powered speedster, energy blaster, and strongman. By the end of the battle, both Galactica and Drifter end up key players in distracting their Zann foes, allowing the Phoenix Company to rescue both their comrade Oversight and another escaped clone. When the dust settles, Oversight mentally commands the Zann to leave Earth, which they do. Galactica and Drifter part ways with the team, continuing their fight for the Zann rebels.

Strength Level:
Galactica has the strength of an average Zann female of her age and build.

Galactica has shown no appreciable skills except a ferocity in battle.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Inherently, Galactica has no superhuman powers. However, at some point in her past Galactica came into possession of what we believe to be a unique type of battle armor (see Weapons and Hardware).

Weapons and Hardware:
At some point in her past, Galactica came into possession of what we believe to be a unique type of battle armor. This armor is made from a morphing metal, capable of coating her entire body. This armor is a self-sealing system, allowing Galactica to survive in space.

   Built into this armor is a variety of weapons and abilities. One of which is a long-distance communications unit. Using this unit, Galactica can tap into other communications and transmission devices, such as standard Zann comm lines. The maximum range of this unit is unknown, but it is known that transmissions can reach a ship in Earth orbit from the planet's surface. Note that both the Phoenix Company and Drifter have the transmission frequencies of this comm unit and can contact Galactica unless she changes frequencies.

   Galactica's armor is made from a super strong material and can withstand a large amount of damage. In addition, the armor can morph into a face mask, protecting Galactica's face from visual and auditory attacks. It is unknown at this time whether the armor can protect her from mental attacks, but it is assumed not, since the Zann have limited knowledge in the field of psionics.

   Galactica's armor has a wide array of energy blasts, the most widely used are two energy blasts that are emitted from the wrist area. The total extent of types of energy blasts used by Galactica's armor is still unknown. She can also channel electricity over the outside shell of her armor,using that as a close-range attack and defense. Since the armor has morphing capabilities, Galactica has been seen morphing a wide array of bladed weapons, which she then uses in a hand-to-hand attack.

   Galactica's armor allows her to move slightly faster than the average Zann. The armor also has flight capabilities, and her fastest speed has been clocked at 50 mph. The armor's propulsion system is unknown, as is whether she can fly her armor through the vacuums of space.