Real Name: unknown
Occupation: agent of Anton Vole
Group Affiliation: Squad "E"
Base of Operations: mobile, but usually Sacramento, California
Skin Color: pale white
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown

Chiller's history before joining Anton Vole's Squad E is unknown, though we do know at one point Chiller's life was endangered and the was forced to don his armor to save his life. Chiller and Squad E's first known appearance was at Intellidyne Ltd. headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Intellidyne, a leading manufacturer of microchip technology was broken into by the evil Honor Society. The Honor Society was stopped by the Phoenix Company, but as the Phoenix Company was leaving the premises, they were confronted by Squad E. Squad E had assumed that the Phoenix Company were, in fact, the team responsible for the breaking-and-entering. As Squad E approached, the telepathic member of the Phoenix Company named Oversight touched Wisp's mind, informing her that their intentions were peaceful. After Oversight assured Squad E's leader Coil that their team were indeed heroes, Squad E attacked anyway. Int he end, Squad E was defeated. However, the heroes had no means to hold the villains. The Phoenix Company left, and presumably Chiller and his team awoke and left well before the police arrived on the scene.

   Then, four days later, the Phoenix Company and neophyte hero Short Wave returned to Intellidyne investigating the kidnapping of one of its employees, Brad Stinier. While meeting with the Intellidyne president/CEO, Short Wave heard the words "They're here" being transmitted from a radio somewhere in the building. Oversight used his clairsentience to detect Squad E on the attack again. The Phoenix Company left the building and sought out the rematch. Chiller again proved himself a worthy foe, but he and his teammates were again defeated. Oversight's mental interrogation of Chiller after the battle revealed the team's powers and base of operations: Sacramento, as well as various facts about his teammates' powers and other information on the kidnapped Brad Stinier. This time, however, the hero Short Wave used his energy tendrils to entrap the villains. Chiller was stripped of his cold-emitting arm by the Phoenix Company and he and his teammates were taken into custody by F.B.I. Agent Martin Cross, where they remain to this day.

Strength Level:
Chiller appears to have enhanced strength as a result of his armor.

Chiller has shown no appreciable skills.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Chiller has the ability to absorb and then generate intense cold and project it through a turret mounted on his arm. Chiller can generate this ice in multiple attacks: he can use the ice as a coherent blast, he can freeze-blast an area, or he can freeze the air around an opponent, trapping them. All of these attacks are from the turret located on Chiller's left arm. Chiller can also generate this "cold force" through his remaining right hand and use it as a devastating hand attack.

Weapons and Hardware:
Chiller is dependent on the heavily-equipped armor that he wears. The armor keeps Chiller alive by allowing him to channel his powers through the armor and out his right arm. The armor also acts as a life support system, giving him the ability of self-contained breathing. His armor has other capabilities as well: It gives Chiller the ability to fly, it is capable of reducing the damage of attacks projected at him, and enhances his strength (and possibly other characteristics as well).
   Chiller's gun-mounted right arm was confiscated the end of his last battle by the Phoenix Company and currently resides in their trophy room in the Canyon of Heroes.