Real Name: unknown
Occupation: agent of Anton Vole
Group Affiliation: Squad "O"
Base of Operations: mobile
Skin Color: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown

Nothing is known about Caliber prior to his first appearance as a member of Anton Vole's Squad O. Caliber arrived at 3I headquarters with Squad O looking for missing scientist Brad Stinier. The Squad attacked 3I HQ, and was countered by 3I troops and two super-powered agents: Cruiser and Bruiser. The Phoenix Company joins the fray and Squad O is almost defeated when Outlet calls a retreat. The team manages to escape with the use of Outlet's power, with the exception of Caliber, who had been bound and gagged by 3I agents. Caliber was stripped of his equipment and clothing by the Phoenix Company and was last seen unconscious in the courtyard of 3I's Seattle headquarters.

Strength Level:
Appears to have average human strength.

Caliber apparently has increased skills in weapons design, manufacturing, and targeting. Caliber might also possess additional, unknown skills.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Caliber seems to have no appreciable superhuman powers.

Weapons and Hardware:
Caliber is a walking, talking weapons hardware store. Attached all over his body and in various pockets of his trench coat are components that, when pieced together, can form just about any weapon or piece of hardware imaginable. Weapons that we have seen Caliber use includes an semi-automatic UZI, a net gun, and a hand pistol. Though when last seen Caliber was stripped of all of these components by the Phoenix Company, it can be assumed that he could easily acquire or manufacture replacements.